Craft Supplies

Note from Kat: I get asked frequently about matching up yarn colors or where to find certain supplies, so I'm working on collecting all the info together to share. 

There will be a limited selection of supplies available to purchase here at Cardinal House Stitches, but that will be focused mostly on supporting plastic canvas kit options. 


Disclosure: Should you click on some of the links and purchase, I may be compensated (Lol- meaning in a few months, I might be able to afford a gallon of gas 😅). If there's a link, it's because I actually used or considered it myself for projects. 

Typical Plastic Canvas Supplies

Plastic Canvas: Plastic canvas is getting harder to find a variety in local craft stores. Limited selection available at Michael's and JOANN. JOANN has a 12-pk of clear 7-count plastic canvas that's a better bet than options found on Amazon.

You'll find a somewhat larger selection of individual plastic canvas sheets and specialty shapes at Hobby Lobby. They have a variety of colors in 7-count plastic sheets and different counts available. The big thing is their plastic canvas now goes on sale every couple of weeks online. (*tip: these can sell out fast when on sale...check sales on Sunday online & buy then!)

Basic Worsted Weight Yarn: I'm working on a color palette chart for the main brand yarns that I typically use for plastic canvas. Find it HERE!

Craft Supplies

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