We are stitching hearts to "hide" around the community to spread joy and brighten people's day! Come join us!

This is a community-building project meant to inspire creativity in all ages and energize people to explore the beautiful area in which we live.

This is surprisingly fun for ALL ages young and old. Need inspiration? We'll be adding some pattern templates on the page soon. 

And note that this project isn't about skill or technique!  This is all about the act- creating something, giving something, sharing something- and getting out and exploring.

We would love for you to post pictures of your stitched hearts as you hide them, or when you find them, but you can participate anonymously, if you prefer.

#CHgivinghearts @cardinalhouse 

(Also Pensacola area peeps: #fafpcola -read more below)


If you find a heart, you can either keep it or re-hide it for someone else to find. If you decide to keep a heart, you are encouraged to hide a new heart somewhere in its place (but this is optional!)

Templates + Pattern Ideas:

coming soon
#chgivinghearts collage


There are projects like these all over, or some variation.  Where CH is at now (Pensacola, FL), rock painting was widely popular a couple years ago (Pensacola Rocks on FB). 

CH had heart magnets in another life (Have A Heart Project) that was inspired by the #fafatl movement.  Basically, artists and makers creating small objects or pieces of art, then hiding them around Atlanta. 

The artist/maker would post the picture on Instagram with clues and hashtags.  (#fafatl - started as Free Art Friday, but really happened any day of the week)

I'll be adding #fafpcola for the Pensacola area.  For other locales, there may be hunts already happening.  Try searching #faf<your city here>

Read more about the Atlanta #fafatl HERE + HERE.