Needlework Tutorials and CH Stitches Original Patterns Are Coming!

Needlework Tutorials and CH Stitches Original Patterns Are Coming!

Needlework Tutorials and CH Stitches Original Patterns Are Coming!

Well, for now, plastic canvas tutorials and patterns are coming.  While I want to do all the things right now, apparently I'm only human and must remind myself to take it on in steps.

One step. One stitch. Rinse. Repeat. (yes, this really is what keeps running in my head lately) 


The tutorials?

Right. Those. So, I made a video.  It was my first attempt at such an animal. 🤯 Let's just say that the first one is a bit t̶e̶r̶r̶i̶b̶l̶e̶  rough.  Nearly went against posting it. But.  This is my year of doing. Taking steps.  Sure, it's not g̶o̶o̶d̶  polished. 

Learn from trial and error and move along to the next one.  I can always go back and make a new one down the road! (you can find it on the tutorials page here if you really have nothing better to do)

Where was I? Okay. So, I made a video.  My intentions are to do these series of tutorials on different types of needlework (plastic canvas, crochet, etc).  I'll break down really basic info for beginners (how to cut pc, how to thread a needle, starting, ending, blah, blah).  Eventually add stitch types.  Do this for all the techniques.  

Yup.  I like to plan BIG.
One step at a freakin' time.  


The patterns?

Oooh! The patterns! This is what I'm excited about.  I mean, I have hundreds and hundreds of patterns and books (true story).  Most are vintage and mainly from the nineties.  They're a bit dated. okay, a lot.  Don't worry, you're invited to the nineties party as I get the patterns shop updated.  

Anywho.  I'm hoping to share on Friday the first of the CH patterns.  hint, hint = it's the Easter Egg Ornaments from the picture.  My goal is to move forward with patterns that fit a bit more...modern...aesthetic.  And kits.  I'd really like to provide more kits because it's harder to find supplies in stores and is way more convenient.

But. I can't do all that until I get my butt moving with actually creating the patterns.  So, really, this first pattern is more about the process and getting an approved template set for moving forward.  


PS - The egg design is actually inspired from another pattern in the shop: Hoppy Easter.

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