DIY Flights of Fancy Butterfly Grapevine Wreath

DIY Project: Flights of Fancy Wreath

DIY Project: Flights of Fancy Wreath

Cleaning out old magazines and came across this from Martha Stewart Living.  Naturally, Martha's version is more over-the-top than necessary. But, the idea is cute and could be way scaled-back for us mere mortals.

Even the simple act of spray painting the grapevine wreath could be enough. In a metallic or a bright color to complement your decor or the season.

And you can usually find fake butterflies in the floral section of your local craft store.  Those tend to be colorful and busy, so maybe dust those with a light coat of spray paint too.

So while I wouldn't put the effort in to try out the original, it's still pretty and inspiring to check out!  Go to the original project tutorial, including videos, HERE.



Original Project from:

Photograph by: Aaron Dyer

Prop Styling by: Helen Quinn


What you need


Download and print butterfly and leaf templates. Cut around shapes, tape onto metal sheets, then cut shapes from metal.


Working on mat, use tip of stylus to make lines in butterfly wings and veins in leaves. Gently bend wings.


If desired, paint a few butterflies; let dry completely, about 1 hour.


Hot-glue shapes to wreath.

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