Cardinal House Is Back...Almost!

Cardinal House Is Back...Almost!

Cardinal House Is Back...Almost!

Slowly, but surely Cardinal House is running again.  I took a few years off 😶 Life was crazy.  And, can I let you in on a secret?  

I let the biz get funneled in a direction that I didn't really want to follow.  I was doing well.  Wholesaling.  But. I wasn't happy. I liked what I was making, but I didn't love it.  

I was turning down offers.  Turning away requests. Why?

Because I wasn't really excited about the path CH was taking then. 

I turned my sights to my real job.  Tinkered with the idea of going back into design.  Wasn't excited about that either because I never wanted to dig into residential design full time. 

Then I picked up a needle and thread again. 

Started browsing through all my old pattern books. 

Started tinkering around with the designs.

Started to get excited about something again!


So here's the deal: 

I'm bringing the needlework patterns back. (I've got hundreds, maybe thousands of them. Yup)

I'm going to work towards creating new patterns that lean more towards a modern aesthetic.  (To be fair, I do love some of the vintage needlepoint looks.  But want to at least update color palettes, you know?)

I'm bringing back the hearts!  With the before Cardinal House in Atlanta (think 2010-14ish), I had the Have A Heart Project.  I made the hearts with magnets and left them everywhere (at the park, running errands, Six Flags, road trips).  It was part of this Free Art Movement that was happening at the time.  It was fun. People sent the sweetest messages back when they found a heart.  Well, I miss that fun and community so it's getting a reboot too.  Stitching style.


Why CH Stitches?

Well, 2020 happened.  I know. I know! that I am not the only one the whip out old projects.  Desperately seeking something to keep minds and hands occupied. I realized that I missed the crafting.  I forgot how great of a community of stitchers are out there!

I've got a lot of plans and I've been dragging my feet because it's overwhelming to think of getting back up and running. I hadn't touched some of my accounts for 3 or 4 years 🤯

One step. First Step. Hardest Step.  After that, momentum builds.

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